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Whether you are interested in pole vaulting in college or not, you should never shut potential doors of opportunity on yourself. Always be opening doors in life. Parents and athletes can visit to obtain more information on how to prepare for college sports, what mentality to have now and what steps will be necessary to be recruited. 

The following athlete are those who are regular club members who have achieved 10 feet or better for girls and 14 feet or better for boys. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about other regular or non regular athletes who are also elligible and seeking to continue their pole vault careers in college. 


Class of 2023

Braxton Cushing

Emily Conlin

Jackson Merrill - Montana University

Kyle James - Idaho State University

Sabrina Fairbanks - Utah State University

Taylee Holyoak

Class of 2022

Brielle Davis - Idaho State University

Dallin Thornton - Brigham Young University

India Ortiz - Southern Oregon University

Class of 2021

Alyssa Gregory - Coastal Carolina University - University of New Mexico

Sienna Branch - Southern Virginia University

Class of 2020

Bryant McMullin

Josh Park

Genessa Eldredge - Umpqua Community College

Summer Steeneck - Utah State University

Teralyn Bach


Class of 2019

Robert Walker - Utah State University

Class of 2018

Anna Parkinson - Utah Valley University - Utah State University

Ethan Mackay

Trent James

Maysen Rollo - Utah Valley University

Harlan Benedict - Idaho State University

Class of 2017

Brielle Carr - Utah Valley University

Class of 2016

Sutton Chance - Utah Valley University




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