Coach Kody Pierce


Kody Pierce has done a lot for the sport of pole vault here in Utah. He has has numerous years of coaching experience with high school vaulters and has a real passion for helping kids reach their potential. Kody's deep understanding of the sport and his personalized investment with each athlete is what helps his athletes succeed. Kody has coached some of the best pole vault programs in Utah and has been a hugely influential part of the sport.

Coach Logan Bryant


Logan Bryant has been coaching with UTPVA since its inception in 2013. Logan vaulted at Southern Utah University and likes to train alongside the athletes when given the opportunity. Logan focuses on speed and strength development in athletes for improving the runway approach and takeoff. He pairs this with sound technical expertise to help athletes with unique technical challenges. He has a passion for encouraging athletes through positive reinforcement to help them reach their peak performances.

Coach Cameron Vongsawad