• Drop-in session: $20/practice 
  • 1 Month Membership: $150/month
    **Monthly memberships must be purchased no later than 1 week into the month    
  • Seasonal Membership (3 month): $375/season -- That's only $125/month!!! 
    **Seasonal memberships must be purchased no later than 1 week into the season. Season dates listed below. 
    (Seasons: September 1 - November 30, December 1 - February 29, March 1 - May 31, June 1 - August 31)
  • Private Session: $40/practice
  • Group Private Clinic: Contact Kody Pierce for details
  • UTPVA Summer Camp: Find details on the Camps & Clinics page
  • UTPVA Fall Camp: College Showcase: Find details on the Camps & Clinics page   
  • Club Competitions: Find details on home page for upcoming club competitions

Annual Kojo Sports Facility Use Fee: $35/calendar year 
**Must be paid by January 31st or within 1 week of beginning practices with UTPVA

We accept cash, checks (payable to Utah Pole Vault Academy),
and Venmo (@KodyPierce33)




The following contains the Kojo Sports Training Facility and Utah Pole Vault Academy Release, Disclaimer and Liability information. All athletes who have not completed an online registration before must do so before attending a practice, camp, clinic, or competition. To register as an athlete click the link below and make sure to read everything before signing and submitting your registration. REGISTER HERE

Before registering, ensure that you have a current USATF membership. You will need your membership number before being able to complete your new athlete registration. If you do not have a current USATF membership, please visit the USATF website to Join or Renew your membership before continuing club registration.

All athletes must also have an annual Kojo Sports Facility membership. The $35 once a year fee must be paid within a week of your first visit.

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We accept cash, checks (payable to Utah Pole Vault Academy), 
and Venmo (@KodyPierce33)