At Utah Pole Vault Academy, we recognize How challenging it is to have the right poles for athletes. 

The right pole provides the safest and most effective vault experience for the athlete due to their weight, Power and skill level. We want all athletes and teams to have access to the right poles. That's why we began our Rental Program.

Our pole rental program provides athletes and teams the ability to work on building their own inventory in their own time frame while still being able to provide athletes the proper poles Necessary for a safe and successful pole vaulter. 

We are also an official UCS Spirit equipment distributor. Please feel free to contact us about purchasing all of your Pole Vaulting Equipment needs or any other UCS Spirit Equipment needs. Our biggest deals come from our annual end of year order. Purchase requests must be in by the middle of December to guarantee the best prices. Purchased Items will be delivered in January. 

Rental Prices

1 Pole


3 Poles

1 Day Rental - $20
1 Month Rental - $150
3 Month Season Rental - $250
  1 Day Rental - $50
1 Month Rental - $350
3 Month (Season) Rental - $550


Rental Policies

Renters must acquire and fill out a pole Rental Request and Liability Form and contact Utah Pole Vault Academy to schedule pole rentals. Filling out the Rental Request and Liability Form does not guarantee access to the specific poles you need. Rental poles are first come first serve. To guarantee the right pole selection for you, you must prepare in advance. Attempting to request a pole last minute before an important competition may not work well in your favor. Poles may be rented by organizations (such as specific school teams) for said specific organization and the time period specified. 

Renters must provide their own means to safely transport and keep the poles they are renting (i.e. a pole bag/case/tube/etc.). Anyone desiring to rent a pole who does not come prepared with a pole bag will be required to pay an additional fee to rent a pole vault pole bag or tube in order to provide proper protection for our poles.

Poles must be picked up and returned on the date and time which has been agreed upon when requested. Failure to pick up poles at the agreed upon time may forfeit your rental. Failure to return poles at the agreed upon time will be fined for the additional time the pole is in your posession. 

Poles must be taken care of in your posession. Proper care includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Storing and transporting the poles in a safe and protected manner.
  2. Proping poles up carefully on a pole tree or hurdle safely when not in use as to keep them off the ground or in danger of being stepped on or dammaged in any other way.
  3. Doing your best to not let a pole fall carelessly to the ground (especially on hard surfaces or edges). This includes having teammates catch your pole when you jump so as to not strike the runway or surrounding hard surfaces.
  4. Ensure that other athletes, parents, siblings, bystanders, etc. do not endanger the poles. 
  5. Keeping the poles dry at all time, especially the grips. 
  6. Not lending rented poles to other athletes not on the Rental Request and Liability Form.
  7. Poles must be used solely for performing the pole vault or pole vault specific drills in its proper and safe form. Any misconduct with poles will be met with a fine and potential refusal to rent poles out to said perpetrator again. Examples of misconduct may include but are not limited to climbing the pole or using the pole as a catapult.

1 Day Pole Rentals

Single day pole rentals must be returned within 24 hours of borrowing or upon the agreed upon time at pickup and return time. If and only if a Utah Pole Vault Academy Coach will already be attending the event in which you need poles, it may be arranged for the coach to transport the poles to and from the event safely to avoid some of the hassle. Even if Utah Pole Vault Academy has an attending coach present at an event with more of a pole selection, an athlete is only allowed to have in their posession at any time the agreed upon number of poles rented. 

1 Month Pole Rentals

Unfortunately Month long pole rentals are no longer available due to the high demand from regular club members who take priority on our pole selection. 

3 Month Pole Rentals

Unfortunately 3 Month long pole rentals are no longer available due to the high demand from regular club members who take priority on our pole selection. 

Broken or heavily damaged poles

On occasion poles break, typically due to misuse or improper care for the poles. Utah Pole Vault Academy staff reserves the right to determine if a pole has been heavily damaged. A heavily damaged pole is one in which appears to UTPVA staff to no longer meet a standard of safety in which we are comfortable in allowing future athletes to use said damaged pole and therefore the pole, in its present condition, is no longer deemed safe for use. Renters will agree to being personally responsible for the pole(s) being rented and therefore responsible for replacing any and all poles which are returned broken or heavily damaged. 

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